Limited 30 contracts.
Player level: 12
Sail cost: 20 Sailor
Sail time: 2h 0m
Bonus: x1
Final Reward: Fu Chuan (40 People  , 14 Cargo)

# Story Deliver Reward XP
1 Guest from the east Hello, I am Ming Zhou, a merchant from the Far East. I am looking for a partner to help me organize a great event. How about we discuss this over some fancy dinner? 25 Fish 150 Coins 100
2 120
3 Preparations The New Year will be coming soon and we should start with the preparations as soon as possible. So let's get us some supplies! 15 Stone 250 Coins 140
4 Making it pretty The decorations are an essential part of the festivities. We will need some red paint and paper to bring the color of good fortune to our house. 22 Wood 100 Stone 160
5 Almost there Before we can start we need to clean up all this mess. Hire some help so we can get it done faster. 25 Coins 150 Wood 180
6 Getting a new look We have almost everything ready. We have the time to get a nice hair cut. It would bring bad to do it after the New Year. I have already made a reservation for us. 20 Stone 200 Fish 200
7 Let's start! It's time, my friend. get out those fireworks and light them up. It will be a beautiful view for sure. 27 Wood 400 Coins 220
8 Delicious feast I love the traditional food! There are many specialties that we used to eat on the New Year but you can never go wrong with fish. 30 Fish 120 Stone 240
9 Playing with fire Today is the "Red mouth day". We will be burning some paper over the trash cans. Don't look so funny at me and bring me some paper. 32 Wood 600 Coins 260
10 Consequences We should make some precautions next time so we don't burn down the shack again. Let's rebuild it with something that does not burn so easily. 25 Stone 150 Wood 280
11 A fancy dinner Now that everything is presentable again we can call our friends and family for dinner. I hope you can cook better than burn paper 35 Fish 800 Coins 300
12 The universal gift Everyone likes money, so we will make our guests a generous gift. After you get the coins put them into these red envelopes. 30 Coins 300 Fish 320
13 Under construction Well, you certainly don't know how to build houses, do you? We were lucky the shack did not bury our guests. Let's rebuilt it again and this time properly! 30 Stone 200 Coins 340
14 Offerings I am stuffed from all the feasting so let's make some food offerings for the Jade Emperor instead. He is the ruler of heaven and it is his birthday soon. 40 Fish 1,100 Coins 360
15 More fireworks Do you have some money left? We could use some fireworks again. This special occasion calls for more burning beauty. 35 Coins 10 Gem 400
16 Unexpected problem The fireworks were magnificent. Unfortunately, It seems they have scared the pandas in the reservation. A generous donation of bamboo should remedy this. 75 Wood 1,400 Coins 450
17 Fishy business The workers of the reservation have asked us for some fish for the pandas too. But I don't think they eat fish. It seems a bit strange to me but who are we to disagree. 100 Fish 150 Stone 500
18 A panda of my own The pandas are really wonderful animals, don't you think? I have decided to get myself one as a my pet. It won't be cheap but I am sure you can cover the expenses. 100 Coins 300 Wood 550
19 At last... I have a loyal furry companion! Let's celebrate this enlargement of my family by indulging in something sweet. 30 Cocoa 800 Fish 600
20 Dragon dance We should not forget about the dragons. Don't worry, they are not real dragons. We will need some cloth, paper and bamboo to create them. 120 Wood 1,700 Coins 650
21 Large monsters The two of us will not be enough to make the dragons and perform the dance. Get some help because these will not be some little monsters. 130 Coins 500 Wood 700
22 New friend I hope you remember my panda friend. I have decided to call him Ping. He seems very happy with me, but he still doesn't have a proper home. We need to build him one. 80 Stone 1,000 Fish 750
23 Bring them to life It is said that chocolate gives you a lot of energy. And we will surely need it to make these dragons seem alive and dancing. 50 Cocoa 250 Stone 800
24 The lucky food The cost of the festivities was large, but there is a charm that can help us gain more money in the new year. Fish brings luck and a surplus of money so let's dig in! 130 Fish 20 Gem 850
25 Necessary repairs After so many shipments your ships must be in need of a proper maintenance. Get some materials to make them seaworthy again. 350 Iron 5,000 Fish 900
26 A new home It seems that ping has outgrown his pen. Get us some material so we can build him a larger one. Who would have thought that pandas can get so big. 400 Wood 600 Stone 950
27 Wonderful! Ping loves his new home. However since he has grown so big he eats much more than I can afford. Can you lend me some money for feeding him? I know you adore him too. 400 Coins 3,500 Wood 1,000
28 Year of the fire monkey This will be a year of the Fire Monkey. I heard it will be a bad year for people born in a year of Monkey. Good that I am a Dragon. What Chinese zodiac sign you are? 450 Fish 300 Iron 1,100
29 Lantern festival The New Year's festivities come to an end. We should enjoy the last moments by watching the warmly glowing lanterns rise up into the sky. 250 Stone 4,000 Coins 1,200
30 Happy End Thank you for all your help. I hope you have enjoyed the Chinese New Year as much as I did. Here are some sweet dumplings, remember our fun while you eat them. 450 Cocoa 30 Gem 1,300
That's all partner! I'm really surprised you managed to fulfill all assigned tasks. As a token of my gratitude I give you my most favourite ship. Fu Chuan

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