Limited 20 contracts

Cost: 70 Sailor
Bonus: Variable
Time: 2h 0m
Level: 60, Completion of Erik the Red

Final Reward: 70x GoldenChest

# Story Deliver Bonus Reward XP
1 It's You! My father mentioned you. He told me about the time when you discovered Greenland together. You have some shields as a memento right? Can you show them to me? 800 Shield x1 3,500 Iron 2,500
2 Harsh Homeland I've been living in Greenland half my life after father took us here. We have our freedom but the weather is harsh. Gather some wood for fire and I will tell you more. 4,200 Wood x6 5,000 Stone 2,650
3 Listen Well! One of our sailors, Bjarni returned home after a year of roaming the seas. He says there is land west from here with trees and pastures. I have to see this for myself. 4,000 Iron x4 25,000 Coins 2,800
4 Father's Dream My father Erik wanted to find a fertile land for us but he failed. I will now fulfill his dream. Go ask some villagers if they would embark with me on this journey. 1,600 Sailor x1 28,000 Fish 2,950
5 Team Building Good relationships with your crew are essential on a long voyage. No viking has ever said no to some roasted fish and ale. Bonding over a dinner is always easier. 5,800 Fish x7 16,000 Wood 3,100
6 Reliable Vessel My father's ship is still in good shape. Just a bit of obligatory maintenance and she is good to go. Floki's craft is truly magnificent. 6,000 Wood x7 7,000 Stone 3,250
7 Household Chores Mother bid me to help her rebuild the stable behind the house. However I have no time for that now. Could you lend her a hand instead? I would be very grateful. 5,000 Stone x5 15 GoldenChest 3,400
8 Come Now We are ready to go. Just buy yourself a warm coat before we set off. The northern wind can freeze you to the bone. 15,000 Coins x10 6,000 Iron 3,550
9 Did You See That? There was a whale, it appeared over the water for a moment.  magnificent creature. We have no time to catch it, but some fishing equipment might still come in handy. 5,200 Iron x4 20,000 Wood 3,700
10 There! I think I can see land in the distance already. Let's get closer and inspect the beach. We can also try out the fishing gear. There are many fish in the water. 8,000 Fish x7 35,000 Coins 3,850
11 1,600 Shield x1 8,500 Stone 4,000
12 2,200 Sailor x1 42,000 Fish 4,150
13 6,000 Stone x5 7,000 Iron 4,300
14 20,000 Coins x10 35,000 Wood 4,450
15 6,500 Iron x4 45,000 Coins 4,600
16 Shield x1 12,000 Stone 4,750
17 14,000 Fish x7 9,000 Iron 4,900
18 3,000 Sailor x1 45,000 Wood 5,050
19 12,000 Wood x6 80,000 Fish 5,200
20 7,500 Stone x5 20 GoldenChest 5,350
70 GoldenChest