40 contracts - Available after completing level 70 Explore

Cost: 70 Sailor
Bonus: Variable
Time: 2h 0m

# Story Deliver Bonus Reward XP
1 Welcome To My Court! I am Isabella of Castile. I have heard about you from my dear friend Columbus. He said that you are a competent sailor and captain. I could use your help in some matters. 3,500 Fish x7 25,000 Coins 1,080
2 Reforming A Kingdom The reign of my incompetent brother Henry has left the kingdom in poor shape. We have a lot of work to do. Let's start with getting some coins to fill the empty treasury. 8,000 Coins x10 7,000 Wood 1,130
3 Law And Order What we need to do is bring order to this country. Criminals are unpunished and free dobbing and hurting my people. This has to stop! So we are going to build a prision. 2.500 Stone x 5 3,000 Iron 1,180
4 No Breaking Out The main building is done. It looks secure enough. Now we only need to finish the details like bars and doors for the cells, Make sure the iron is of good quality. 2.200 Iron x 4 15 Gem 1,230
5 Guardians Of Order Now that we have the jail constructed we can organize a police that will keep order. Try to recruit some sailors from the port. I think some might be interested in joining. 1,600 Sailor x1 28,000 Coins 1,280
6 Prison Food We have already our first prisoners. They are criminals but we don't want them to starve while serving their sentence. Some basic food like fish will suffice. 3,650 Fish x7 8,000 Wood 1,330
7 Exploring New Land I have sponsored Columbus's voyage to the New World. There is still so much to discover. I am sure that financing more journeys to the New World will pay its worth. 9,000 Coins x10 2,900 Stone 1,380
8 Let's Fight! The beautiful country to the south - Granada has been taken over by invaders. I think it's time to send them home again. But my men cannot do that without some weaponry. 3,500 Iron x4 30,000 Coins 1,430
9 A Bigger Fleet Another voyage to the New World should start soon. We will need some new ships which can endure the wild waters of the ocean. 3,900 Wood x6 19,000 Fish 1,480
10 And Larger Docks My docks are not big enough to hold all these new ships now. With the new lands in the West we will need large fleet and bigger docks. So let's start the renovation. 2,700 Stone x5 9,000 Wood 1,530
11 Good work! The workers are doing a great job and the new docks will be ready soon. Let's send them something tasty as a reward for their good work. 4,600 Fish x7 4,000 Iron 1,580
12 Supplies depleted. I love this new delicacy Columbus has brought from the New World. I have already eaten all the chocolate he has given me before. Could you get me some more? 450 Cocoa x2 20 Gem 1,630
13 10,000 Coins x10 12,000 Wood 1,680
14 Iron for repairs. The weapons and armor of our soldiers must be damaged already. I will send a blacksmith to the battlefield to repair their equipment. Can you bring some iron for him? Iron 3,000 Stone 1,730
15 1,780
16 Home sweet home. Columbus has brought some native people from the New World with him. But I can see they miss their country. Could you hire some sailors and send them back home? 1,800 Sailor x1 34,000 Coins 1,830
17 Gift for my beloved. My beloved husband Ferdinand will have birthday soon. I want to give him a gift that would make him happy. I know he would love a woodcarving of the two of us. 4,200 Wood x6 3,800 Stone 1,880
18 A great victory. The war is won! It wasn't easy but Granada is free again. Let's make a feast for my loyal soldiers who have granted us this great victory. 5,000 Fish x7 14,000 Wood 1,930
19 Stay ready. The war is over but we cannot stay defenseless. To protect my people I need my armory full and soldiers properly equiped. Let's refill what the war depleted. 2,900 Iron x4 35,000 Coins 1,980
20 A place for learning. I have decided to build a new school in town. Education is important and I want to make sure that my people have access to it. We shall build it near the town square. 3,800 Stone x5 30 Gem 2,030
21 Desks and chairs. The school is standing and looks good. The students will be able to study here everything from math to history. Let's furnish it so that the lessons can start soon. 6,000 Wood x6 36,000 Coins 2,080
22 Almost ready. All we need now are some teachers. Unfortunately no one will teach for free so we will need to pay them. I hope there is enough gold for it in the royal treasury. 12,000 Coins x10 22,000 Fish 2,130
23 Bumpy road. The Castilian wine is famous in all Europe. Our vineyards are extensive and fruitful. However the road to the vineyard is in bad shape. It needs to be paved anew. 4,100 Stone x5 6,000 Wood 2,180
24 A special dish. My men have brought a plant from the new continent It's called potato and they tell me it tastes amazing. I have to try it but first let's get something to complement it. 5,600 Fish x7 5,000 Stone 2,230
25 Missing crew. We have built new ships and expanded the docks. However now We don't have enough sailors to fill all these ships. Try to look for some in the nearby villages. 2,000 Sailor x1 7,000 Iron 2,280
26 2,330
27 Stables inspection. I have inspected the royal stables today. Everything looks fine but the horses could use new horseshoes. Could you ship me some of that quality iron you got me before? 3,200 Iron x4 37,000 Coins 2,380
28 Positive results. Our new police is doing a great job, My people are much safer now. However, they cannot cover the northern part of my kingdom so we will need to hire more men. 13,000 Coins x10 40 Gem 2,430
29 Old but beautiful. Our royal palace is a magnificent building though a bit old now. Especially the northern wing is in bad shape and urgently needs some reconstruction. 4,000 Stone x5 18,000 Wood 2,480
30 Let's finish up. We will also need some wood for the roof and pillars to complete the northern wing of the castle. After it is finished I will make a library of it. 9,000 Wood x6 40,000 Coins 2,530
31 A pleasant evening. The library is perfect. I will spend the whole evening reading. Can you tell the cook that I will eat my dinner here? He might need help with some ingredients. 8,400 Fish x7 7,500 Stone 2,580
32 Time of harvest. The time to harvest grape vine from our vineyards has come. Get some men and harvest it before the birds eat it all. The grapes are delicious so they love to peck them. 2,500 Sailor x1 43,000 Coins 2,630
33 Shining armor. Our guards fulfill their duties well. I was thinking that we could reward them with a new shining armor. The blacksmith just needs some materials so he can get to work. 4,000 Iron x4 19,500 Wood 2,680
34 An important guest. The king of the neighboring country will come for a visit. We. have some urgent matters to discuss. The feast must be remarkable as this is a most valued


11,000 Fish x7 8,000 Stone 2,730
35 Great news. The negotiations were successful. We have decided to wed our children and so seal an alliance. Let's gather some finances for a magnificent wedding. 18,000 Coins x10 10,000 Iron 2,780
36 Planning the event. The wedding will take place in the palace gardens. After the ceremony a glorious feast will follow crowned by a delicious chocolate wedding cake. 800 Cocoa x2 35,000 Fish 2,830
37 Beautiful bride. My daughter will need an extraordinary dress for this special occasion. And a matching necklace of precious stones. You only get married once or a few times in life. 5,500 Stone x5 22,000 Wood 2,880
39 A Cherry Chariot   Let's not forget the wedding gift!  I have already ordered a chariot made by a crafty carpenter.  But any wood will not do here.  It needs to be cherry wood.



6x 12000 Iorn 2980
40 Marvellous! The wedding was beautiful I am sure my daughter will be happy even though her husband is a bit older than her. Let's pack her some food for the trip to her new home. 21,000 Coins x10 50 Gem 3,030
Thank you, captain! You have finished all my contracls to my satisfaclion. For your wonderful services I grant you access to a rare commodity - the grape vine.