60 Contracts

Cost: 60 Sailor

Bonus: Variable

Time: 2h 0m

Final reward:

# Story Deliver Bonus Reward XP
1 Big Plans. My fellow captain. My name is Fernao Magalhaes and I am planning a daring sea voyage. How about you prove me your seafaring abilities by shipping a large cargo? 2,000 Stone x5 10 Gem 600
2 The way is blocked. Spain faces a critical situation. The Portuguese have blocked the path to the Indies and now we have no way of obtaining the precious spices. We need to find a new route. 2,800 Coins x10 6,000 Fish 620
3 To the west. I have a plan already. I am sure there must be a way to the Indies and the famous Spice Islands by the western route. We will succeed where Columbus failed. 160 Cocoa x2 600 Stone 650
4 Mighty fleet. We will need at least 5 ships for the voyage. The fleet must be able to withstand a difficult journey. Can you take care of the material for the ships? 1,500 Wood x6 17,000 Coins 670
5 Mind the details. Ships are not build only from wood. Iron is necesary for the anchor and cannons. You never know what dangers we might encounter. 720 Iron x4 11 Gem 690
6 Able seamen needed. Now let's hire some crew for the ships. We want only the best. So don't hesitate to spend a lot of money. 4,200 Coins x10 4,000 Wood 720
7 Seafood for seamen. Our crew will need some proviosions. Get us some salted fish. They should endure the long journey without getting spoiled. 2,450 Fish x7 500 Iron 740
8 First ship is ready. The first ship looks pretty good. Her name will be Concepción. Let's find some men who will sail on her. They can also help with the construction of the second ship. 800 Sailor x1 13,000 Coins 760
9 Roof over the head. Our crew could use a place to sleep in while we finish the preparations for the voyage. Let's build them some temporary houses. Keep it simple, they don't need a mansion. 2,700 Stone x5 12 Gem 790
10 Stocking up. It seems we will have more seamen than expected. The salted fish you brought will not be enough. Get us a few more casks so our crew will not starve. 3,800 Fish x7 4,500 Wood 810
11 Sweeten up the trip. One cannot live only of fish. The men will be happy to have something sweet on the long journey. So let's stock up on this new snack- cocoa. 230 Cocoa x2 900 Stone 840
12 Building the fleet. Now it's time to build the next two ships: Santiago and Victoria. They will be modest in size but I am sure that they will be an important part of our fleet. 2,400 Wood x6 14,000 Coins 860
13 Fishing gear. We will need some harpoons to be able to restock our fish supplies on the way. There is a good blacksmith in town who can make them if you bring him the iron. 900 Iron x4 13 Gem 890
14 Paying of debts. Preparations for such a journey cao become quite expensive. So could you pay my tab at the Fisherman's tavern? 7,000 Coins x10 5,000 Wood 910
15 Changing the crew. Unfortunately our sponsor, the Spanish king doesn't like our Portuguese crew. Even thouglh I am Portuguese myself. We will have to exchange them for some Spaniards. 1,000 Sailor x1 600 Iron 930
16 Trinidad. Four ships are finished. Now we need only the main vessel. It will be the flagship of our fleet and will be called Trinidad. I will command her myself. 2,700 Wood x6 16,000 Coins 960
17 A safe home. We are nearing the time of departure. I know I will be gone a long time so I want to know my wife and child are taken care of. The first thing they need is a safe home. 900 Stone x5 14 Gem 980
18 Family matters. Good, the house should be comfortable enough. Now they only need some money for the food and other items for my little son. Having a child can be quite expensive. 8,400 Coins x10 12,000 Fish 1,000
19 Sweet memories. Children love sweets. I know it is not very healthy but I want my child to think of me wll while I am gone. I trust my wife to not give him too much of them. 280 Cocoa x2 900 Stone 1,030
20 Start of the journey. It is time we set sail. I hope you are ready because we won't be coming back for a long time. Let's get the last of my crew and set off. 1,000 Sailor x1 17,500 Coins 1,050
21 Missing equipment. I have forgoten about the weapons! How will we face danger out there without them? Quick, get some before we leave for the open sea! 1,200 Iron x4 15 Gem 1,080
22 Into the sea! It seems we have everything. The weather is nice and the sea is calm. This is a good start to a successful expedition. 9,800 Coins x10 7,000 Wood 1,100
23 Foul Fish. Alas! The fish you have delivered in thelost shipment were not preserved correctly. They have gone foul. Can you get us some more supplies? 3,920 Fish x7 800 Iron 1,130
24 Dark skies. There are dark clouds in the distance, a storm is coming. 1 hope it won't be too violent. But just in case bring us some wood for ship repairs. 3,500 Wood x6 19,200 Coins 1,150
25 First stop. We havee reached the land before the storm caught us. However I can see it wrought havoc in this litt1e port. Let's help the poor people rebuild their town. 900 Sailor x1 16 Gem 1,170
26 New supplies. We already used up most of our supplies. The merchant in town will help us resupply our ships. But we need more gold, everything is terribly expensive here. 11,200 Coins x10 15,000 Fish 1,200
27 And forwards! The land in the distance is the coast of the New World. We need to turn south now. If we meet any natives a generous gift of cocoa will surely appease them. 340 Cocoa x2 1,500 Stone 1,220
28 Winter is coming. We should look for a place where to wait out the bad winter weather. Get us some materials to construct the houses in which we will overwinter. 3,000 Stone x5 21,000 Coins 1,240
29 A risky riot. Would you believe it?! Some of my men have organized a mutiny. They want to return to Spain with 3 of my ships. But I have a plan already. Quick, bring me some weapons! 1,300 Iron x4 17 Gem 1,270
30 Victory. Of course they did not succeed with their foolish riot. The fate of these three captains should be a warning for everyone else. All the ships are safe and we can continue. 12,600 Coins x10 3,500 Wood 1,290
31 Fresh fish. My faithful crew deserves a nice dinner so they know how much I cherish their loyalty. Help me with the load because my loyal men deserve something fresh.
32 Faithful men wanted. After te mutiny I don't have enough men for all the ships Let's try to recruit some from the village nearby.
33 Flooded village. The village has experienced a flood not so long ago. They are rebuilding their houses now. If we help them, more men might offer to come with us.
34 That went well. The houses are repaired and we have a full crew again. But now that we have more men we will also need more food. Refilling our supplies is in order.
35 Lets scout. The terrain ahead looks perilous I will send our two ships to scout the way ahead. Bring us some wood in the meantime so we can make repairs on the remaining ships.
36 This can't be true. One of Ihe ships has deserted and set course back to Spain. Let's try to catch up to them I will pay you nicely if you help me in this chase.
37 Too bad... We could not catch them. They were too fast and we need to continue to the west. But I'll keep my promise. I will even give you these gems if you get us some new harpoons.
38 Clearing the path. We have found some exotic drift wood in the sea I will sell it to you if you are interested. I am sure many beautiful things can be built from it.
39 Fishing troubles. The weather is nice and sea is calm. I hope that our luck has turned and we will have no more complications. Unfortunately the fish don't bite here. And I'm hungry.
40 Suspicious. We are nearing some islands. I would like to exchange a few of my men there. I may be a bit paranoid but after so many betrayals can you blame me?
41 Modern architecture. The local people live in shacks made from palm leaves. It may be fine in good weather but in a storm it will be no good. Let's show them how to build proper stone houses.
42 Islands of thieves. I can't believe this! We build them houses and they steal from us! I don't want to stay here any longer than necessary. But let's try to get our money back from them.
43 Can't calm down. I am so aggravated after this incident Leaving these cursed islands as soon as possible might help. But I could also use something sweet to calm my nerves.
44 A bit of luck. At last some luck! We have made a big catch and now have so many fish we have nowhere to store them. Can you get us some barrels?
45 Quality is essential. While fishing some of our harpoons broke. I don't want to be ungrateful but try to get some of higher quality next time.
46 Bringing gifts. We are nearing some islands again. This time I will be more cautious. But let's try to get on the natives good side with some gifts first. Gold is always a good option.
47 Rivals. The local ruler is named Humabon and he is friendly. He has asked me to help him defeat his rival from the other island I might do that but first I Will need more men.
48 Talking business. Humabon has convinced me to help him. But we need to talk about the details of his plan first. Talking business is always more pleasant over dinner.
49 A risky plan. Let's try to come to Humabon's rival with a friendly offer of trade. He might be interested in some pretty marble. They don't have such stone here on the islands.
50 It went bad. The negotiations did not go well and then they attacked us I barely escaped with my life. We will need some crutches for our injured.

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