Limited 40 contracts (Divided 30 and 10)
Bonus: Variable

Part # Level Cost Time Final Reward
1 40 60 Sailor 2h 0m 35 BarrelOfTheBat
2 80 80 Sailor 2h 0m 50 BarrelOfTheBat

Part I: Edit

# Story Deliver Bonus Reward XP
1 Welcome to Cuba, captain! The island of fine cigars and strong rum. Come, let's enjoy a tasty meal and I will introduce myself. 3500 x14 2500
2 I have made my home here after I left Spain. I just opened a new shop in Santiago. I could use a partner to help me get stared. I am still missing some equipment. 1,600 Stone x8 7,500 Coins
19 The Right Audience The more opinions we have, the better. Bring some sailors from the harbor to sample our product. I am sure they will be happy for this opportunity. 1,700 Sailor x1 6,500 Stone 5,148
20 Feedback Was Good We are on the right track but still far from sinished. Let's try to remove the impurities by filtering it with charcoal. We must be careful not to remove the fine taste. 6,600 Wood x12 15,000 Fish 5,400
21 Experimentation We need to experiment a bit. Let's try some new ingredients. I will take care of that, you bring more sugar cane. We have already used up all of our supplies. 200 SugarCane x1 22,000 Coins 5,688
22 Relocating Neighbors have been complaining. We should probably move the distillery away from the residential area. I have seen a suitable warehouse at the outskirts of the town. 3,500 Stone x10 13 RumBarrel 5,976
23 It's Not The Same I have been wondering how to improve the distillation process. How about we use a pot still instead of a column still? I have a feeling it will be much better. 2,800 Iron x8 13,000 Wood 6,264
24 El Coco A friend has gifted us a palm tree sapling. My son Emilio planted it in front of the distillery, it should bring us prosperity. We have to at least invite him for dinner. 7,000 Fish x14 8,000 Stone 6,552
25 Age Matters A quality rum needs to be aged not just drunk straight from the still. We will store the liquor in oak barrels which should result in a smoother taste and golden color. 9,000 Wood x12 5,800 Iron 6,840
26 Finest Liquor A few months have passed and I think it's ready. This is the rum that will be known all around the world. Let's fill a few bottles with it and try to sell it in town. 500 Bottle x1 30,000 Coins 7,200
27 Prepare for Party! We will present our new rum at a small party at our home. I have invited merchants and influential people in town. You can call some of your friends too. 2,000 Sailor x1 20,000 Fish 7,560
28 Rum Of The Bat Seeing the bats living under the roof of our distillery gave me an idea. Every product needs it's own mark and logo. Let's imprint a picture of a bat on our bottles. 3,200 Iron x8 16 BarrelOfTheBat 7,920
29 One More Thing Let's build a larger storage near the distillery where we can put the barrels with rum that still needs to mature. After that we can start the production for real. 4,000 Stone x10 16,000 Wood 8,280
30 Time for a drink. We made it. Come drink with me. Nothing beats drinking nice rum while sitting on the terrace in the shade of a palm tree. Bring something to eat too. 10,500 Fish x14 8,000 Iron 8,640
We could not have succeeded without your help. So take these barrels of the rum we made together and trade them on the market for a prize of your choice. 35 BarrelOfTheBat

Part II: Edit

# Story Deliver Bonus Reward XP

Hello Again Our rum is selling well. People love it. We should expand beyond the borders of Cuba. Let's build a ship which can sail out with our run into the world.

32,000 Wood x24 55,000 Iron 7,000
2 Improving Perfection Our rum may be perfect but we need to develop new products to keep the demand steady. Go and ask our customers what we could do to improve. 5,000 Sailor x1 65,000 Stone 8,000
3 400 Coconut x1 115,000 Fish 10,000
4 Expanding. The rum is well liked also outside of Cuba. We will need to build a new distillery to cover all the demand. We could open the second factory in Bermudas. 50,000 Stone x20 95,000 Wood 13,000
5 New Equipment The quality of rum must not decline. That's why we will build the distillation apparatus ourselves to fit exactly all our needs. Now go and get the materials for it. 40,000 Iron x16 15 BarrelOfTheBat 17,000
6 Social Event Before we open the distillery I want to make a banquet to present our company. We will also offer the new drink I am still working on. You take care of the catering. 84,000 Fish x28 150,000 Coins 22,000
7 Fancy furniture. We will need some tables and chairs for the banquet. Pick sometthing nice to impress our guests. Leave the decorations to my wife. She will love to take care of this task. 84,000 Wood x24 105,000 Stone 28,000
8 Coconut cocktail. While you have been busy with our new distillery I have come up with a delicious drink. I call it the Piña Colada. Bring me more coconuts so I can make you some. 700 Coconut x1 100,000 Iron 35,000
9 Please the people. How about we buid a small bar near the distillery where we will serve our rum and cocktails mixed from it? I am sure a lot of people would like that. 80,000 Stone x20 200,000 Coins 43,000
10 Last task. Just complete the fence around the outskirts and the new distillery will be rleady for the grand opening. Then we can enjoy a glass of rum to celebrate our success. 80,000 Iron x16 30 BarrelOfTheBat 52,000

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