Limited 30 contracts

Cost: 50 Sailor
Bonus: Variable
Time: 2h 0m
Level: 60, Completion of Floki

Final Reward: 50x SilverChest

# Story Deliver Bonus Reward XP
1 Hello, Sailor I heard that the ship is ready for our journey. Are you ready too? Go buy yourself some proper armor before we set off. And don't forget the helmet. 1,300 Coins x10 5,000 Wood 700
2 Outfit For A Viking The armor is good. Should spare you some wounds in case we meet unpleasant people along the way. Now you need an axe and a sword. 800 Iron x4 9,500 Fish 780
3 Shields Up! Last but not least a sheild. My men could use some too. They mentioned that Floki took their old ones. Who knows what that old fox needed them for. 350 Shield x1 1,000 Iron 860
4 Wanna Hear A Secret? Actually this voyage is not completely voluntary. I was exiled. I might have done something hasty to deserve it. But finding a new land should redeem me I hope. 1,190 Fish x7 5,000 Coins 940
5 I Love My Home But... This land is barren and cold. No wonder it's called Iceland. Let's use this time to get warm by fire while we are on land. At sea we will have to make do without. 900 Wood x6 1,600 Stone 1,020
6 Troubles Of An Exile As an exile it's not easy to find men who will sail with me. I trust you will be capable to round up more of them. Just promise them gold and new land to settle on. 1,000 Sailor x1 6,000 Wood 1,100
7 Promises Will Not Do They want gold upfront? Clever guys. Fine, give them some coins and promise them more after we return. That should motivate them during the voyage. 3,000 Coins x10 14,000 Fish 1,180
8 I See... Floki built a shrine for Odin in the docks. He Know how important is our god's blessing on the sea. That's why we shall build a small shrine on the ship too. 800 Stone x5 8 SilverChest 1,260
9 The Ship Is Great I do not doubt Floki's ability. But he is a bit too concentrated on the outside of the ship and has neglected the interior. The crew needs a few beds to sleep in. 1,200 Wood x4 9,000 Coins 1,340
10 We Have To Go Now I want no more problems with the authorities. As an exile I have to leave the country as soon as possible. Grab some food and let's go. 1,330 Fish x7 1,300 Iron 1,420
11 Odin's Beard! I dropped my helmet into the sea as we boarded our ship. I just wanted to kiss my wife properly and so I put it down. Quickly get a new one from the balcksmith! 900 Iron x4 7,000 Wood 1,500
12 Goodbye Home Iceland is getting smaller in the distance. Now we just have to hope the land in front of us is not far. You can ready your shield in case we meet some enemies on the way. 450 Shield x1 10,000 Coins 1,580
13 Furs And Pelts The wind on the sea is freezing cold. I should have thought about warmer clothing before we set off. But that's what you are here for. Go and buy us some furs. 4,000 Coins x10 2,200 Stone 1,660
14 The Land Is Near I have heard stories about a land to the west before. According to them we should not be far anymore. You can prepare some materials to build the settlement. 950 Stone x5 16,000 Fish 1,740
15 Found It? There is something a bit away from our course. looks like land. I will send a few men to go and investigate it while we continue on. 1,200 Sailor x1 12,000 Coins 1,820
16 Along The Coast Just as i Thought, it is land. But it doesn't seem very hospitable. Let's continue along the coast to the west. You can catch some fish while I concentrate on navigation. 1,400 Fish x7 8,000 Wood 1,900
17 Camping On The Shore We should go and take a look around the shore. Make some firewood ready so we can warm ourselves once we investigate a bit. 1,500 Wood x6 2,600 Stone 1,980
18 Snow and cold again The land here looks similar to our home. Not what I hoped for. But it's not inhabited so we can make a settlement here. Buy some tools so we can start building. 5,500 Coins x10 12 SilverChest 2,060
19 Look! There is something white in the distance coming closer. Probably a wild animal. We better ready our weapons in case it is hungry. 1,100 Iron x4 10,000 Wood 2,140
20 Thank Odin! It was a polar bear and it was hungry. But a few hits with our shields and it run off. Unfortunately some shields are broken now, we have to get new ones. 500 Shield x1 1,600 Iron 2,220
21 The first settlement This land here seems like a good place for a village. Let's start with a farm for me and my family. Once I bring them with me from home everything needs to be ready. 1,200 Stone x5 16,000 Coins 2,300
22 Pick up the pace The main walls of the house are standing. But we are nowhere near done and a month has already passed. We could build the settlement faster with more men. 1,400 Sailor x1 12,000 Wood 2,380
23 Trading timber Unfortunately there are not many trees on this island. We will need to trade for wood. I trust you with this issue. We will need wood for the roof and doors. Wood x4 3,500 Stone 2,460
24 A good name I will call this land Greenland. People will be attracted to come here if it has a favorable name. And we want many settlers for our new village. 7,000 Coins x10 18,000 Fish 2,540
25 Seal Hunting Now that the settlement is built we can go explore the land and sea here. I have a mind to catch some seals in the nearby fjord. Get us some seal bait. 2,100 Fish x7 2,200 Iron 2,620
26 Big challenge I have seen some whales in the water near the fjord. It will be challenging but worth it. We will need some special equipment to catch them. Bring some big harpoons. 1,200 Iron x4 13,000 Wood 2,700
27 Time to go home I can't wait to tell my wife about the new land where we can live. I will be the lord here and no one will exile me again. Gather our men and let's go. 1,800 Sailor x1 4,500 Stone 2,780
28 Before we go We should check the ship and repair it if necessary before embarking on the way home. It would be truly unfortunate if we sink on the way back. 2,200 Wood x4 25,000 Coins 2,860
29 Precious souvenir I have seen some gemstones in the river nearby. Take some of them as a souvenir for my wife. She will love them. 2,700 Stone x5 2,500 Iron 2,940
30 Time To Pay The way home went by much faster. Now pay my men for their service as I promised. We might need them soon again when we return to Greenland. 9,000 Coins x10 16 SilverChest 3,020
Well done! Thanks to you we have discovered new territories for our people. Take this chest as a sign of my gratitude. You can trade it in the market for a reward you like. 50 SilverChest